2009 Letters, Altermodernism etc.

2008 Letters, Prints, Book Covers etc.

Summer 2007 Chip and Bean Quizzes.

Early 2007 Very Small Comics Volume One.

Winter 2006 Simone's prints.

Summer 2006 Hairy monster, Edward Gorey, Paintings etc.

Winter 2005 Hunter and Painter, Jesus etc.

Summer 2005 Iron man, Fluffy, Noisy Alphabet etc.

Winter 2004 Worm and Bird, The reason I stayed in the house etc.

Summer 2004 26 alphabeticised terrors, Fluffy's holiday photos etc.

2003 Settle, Mr Sweetcorn.

The Writer at Work
Ben Jonson, Leo Tolstoy, Dorothy Parker, Dylan Thomas, Emily Dickinson, Cervantes, Robert Burns.

Simone's Screenprints Chip and bean, Fluffy.







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