Hello! Welcome. I’d like to do a panel here sometime to tell you who I am and what I do in brief, caption-less and ironic sketches in the style of some of our best and legendary syndicated cartoonists. But that will have to wait.

Meanwhile, I’ll make do with words. I’m an artist who has been drawing and illustrating for as long as I can remember. I’ve been thrilled by superhero comics growing up; I’m a reader of graphic novels and newspaper comic strips, manga and classic comic books, alternative comics and sci-fi. From Batman to Watchmen, Neil Gaiman to Hayao Miyazaki, I read widely and I draw just as widely.

“From Batman to Watchmen, Neil Gaiman to Hayao Miyazaki, I read widely and I draw just as widely.”

Best Conventions

Emerald City Comic Con Seattle

While it’s not as huge “ in stature and in number of footfalls” as the ones in San Diego or New York, it is more focused on comics and less on bling and hoopla like cosplay.

Small Press Expo (SPX)

It’s the place to be for lovers of alternative comics and their creators. This not-for-profit expo is usually held in Maryland. Only publishers and comic creators are allowed to set up booths.

Alternative Press Expo (APE)

The Alternative Press Expo is a comic-con for indie publishers, self-publishers and other cartoonists who do alternative work to showcase their comic books. It’s held in San Jose.

Heroes Convention

This convention is one of the oldest independent comic cons of its kind in the country. So if you want to avoid the video game, TV and movie-watching crowds, this is the place to be.

New & Upcoming Universes

Certainly, we are aware of all the classic universes, but as a fanatic comic book lovers, we demand more! We have prepared a list of new & upcoming stuff below. Stay tuned!


Sis Loves Me – the series that created the whole mainstream trend of stepsisters VS. stepbrothers sexual entertainment. With over 200 published episodes of sticky situations at homes of your usual step families you can expect about any daily situation leading to some unexpected sexual encounter.

Haze Him

Haze Him – did you skip hazing rituals in your dorm? It’s a shame and you definitely need to catch up with the procedure. Watch this user-submitted content where guys are up to do about ANYTHING to be in the COOL GUYS crowd.


BlowPass – serious blowjob content ahead. Watch the exclusive BJ series – now with a single get it all password. No matter if it’s teens or MILFS – all those mouths are going to be used in the very same way.

Perv Mom

Perv Mom – this is brand new stuff that’s been released in February of 2018. As for now, it’s in the form of video episodes only and it features step mothers that are not only perverted but on a sexual hunt for their step sons. Can you imagine? This taboo fantasy is coming to mainstream very soon.


Transsensual – the most beautiful TS models are taking over the entertainment fun on web! Watch them engage in all gender fun with men and women. Find out why transgenders are best of both worlds!


ASGMax – no matter your kink in gay genre of adult’s entertainment, you will find everything you need under roof of Alpha Studio Group. Watch the most exciting entertainment from the world’s biggest studios – now with a single membership.

Devil's TGirls

Devil’s TGirls – transgender dedicated fantasy. Watch these beautiful t-girls in some crazy situations and scenes that you won’t experience in your usual comic books! Why limit your fun to one gender when there is much more in our world.

Mom Lover - Ultimate Network

Mom Lover – the very best of mom content in 2022. Created by Nubiles this network features 8 spicy scenarios of mom engaging in questionable activities with stepboys they happen to find around. Age difference content at its best!

Girls Only Porn

Girls Only Porn – no boys allowed on the set! This is the only rule in here and the rest is in… hands of these female-hungry girls. Watch them engage in all sorts of lesbian mischief in carefully prepared episodes.

Stranded Teens - Mofos Exclusive

Stranded Teens – lost and abandoned girls in the middle of nowhere. They surely need help but are they up for the offer of Mofos crew? Watch this world’s famous fantasy series about helping out girls.

College Rules

College Rules – you can’t go wrong with college partying. Watch boys and girls, some booze and unrestricted, uncontrolled chaotic fun. Those are college times are you are invited to re-live them.

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