Are You An Addict Of Comics? Here Is What 2018 Has To Offer

Are You An Addict Of Comics? Here Is What 2018 Has To Offer

Comic Cons to Attend in 2018

Comic cons are non-profitable multi-genre comic conventions which aim at creating awareness and appreciating art forms through presentations in the conference. The event features different art forms from various people who register to present their artworks. The convention marks the celebration of the history and contribution of comics to the culture and art in the country. The event is organized for educational purposes over the years, and it’s not going to change anytime soon. There are different events expected to take place this year after other successful conventions that have taken place previously. The San Diego Comic-con international is the most famous organizer of the events which attract a lot of people from different parts of the world.


MYLF – New Universe With Mature Women

MYLF – New Universe in Adult World

Guys, get ready for something big in the adult world. New universe is coming this summer and it will be packed with beautiful mature women from adult industry. MYLF acronym which stands for Mom You Would Love To F*** bring only on thing on mind, right?! We have seen just logo so far and a couple of meaningless images, but we are pretty sure that it’s going to impact a lot of our comic book lovers – even if it’s in video format! So far we have found one website dedicated to present videos and all other information, it’s!

That Sitcom Show – Adult Version

That Sitcom Show Porn

That Sitcom Show Porn

This will be huge! The adult (porn actually) version of the several popular sitcom backs in the 80’s and 90’s. Can you imagine? The characters that we all love and respected in the series – now thanks to adult entertainment actors they are going to totally change their image in our minds. Are you ready to see explicit version of these sitcoms? Look in Google for That Sitcom Show (Porn).

Which Is The Most Significant Comic Con In 2018

The San Diego International Comic-Con is the most prominent event this year that will take place from July 19th to Sunday 22nd, 2018. This Comic-Con is an event that you must attend since it will be of its kind since the Comic-con started in 1970. In the beginning, the event was attracting around 300 people but today there more than 130,000 people from various parts of the world. Celebrities from the music world to upcoming artists also attend the event to entertain the guests in celebration of the culture. Apart from the event, you can be sure to enjoy the beautiful San Diego sceneries.

Comic-con convention hosts almost all major and famous entertainment companies in the world such as Disney giving you an opportunity to meet and have a chat with them. You should now start planning for the event to have a trip to beautiful San Diego and enjoy best parties in the city together with great hospitality. The event also showcases new movies that the production companies which premier on your screens soon after the event.

Why Is San Diego Comic-Con A Must-attend Event?

The comic con international convention that will take place in July will be a significant event that no one should not even think of missing it. Famous film production companies will be present to showcase their latest movies that will premier after the event . It’s a good feeling to be the first person to watch a great film before anyone else in the world. The upcoming talents in the industry also get a platform to showcase their talent on this big platform.

How To Attend The San Diego Comic-con International

The badges are usually on sale very early to allow many people purchase them in time. We advise you to register for the tickets from the comic con organization by getting a member ID. In case you are lucky you can get the badges from lotteries which are conducted, and winners get the tickets to attend the event. Many people attend the event, and it’s advisable that you purchase your budge early enough to avoid the congestion and last minute rush which can be very hectic.

A Comic-con international convention is an event you can wish to miss, those who have attended the event previously can bear witness to the uniqueness and its entertaining nature. This year is your turn if you never had a chance to participate and we have given you the information early to provide you with an opportunity to plan.

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